Ballet is broken into ability/experience groups. We have the different sections numbered, I-V in Roman numerals. Ages 7 and up are included in these groupings. Ballet classes are forty-five minutes to an hour long, depending on the group. Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Students will develop core strength, learn solid technique, and prepare for other forms of dance. Technique comes first, so the study of ballet is encouraged in a dancer’s schedule and may be required in order to take higher level dance classes.  Ballet classes I and II are taught by Kaitlynn Holland with Ballet III, IV, and V bring taught by Katie Turner.
  • Ballet I: ages 7 and 8
  • Ballet II: ages 9 and 10
  • Ballet III: ages 11-12
  • Ballet IV: ages 13+
  • Ballet V: ages 13+ and determined by instructor and years of ballet experience